The Dentist for Your Needs

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When you look into buying a new car or a new home there are countless amounts of hours that go into researching to find the right one – one that does what you need and one that you like.

When it comes to finding the right dentist near me, people forget to do the same.

Depending on the work you need done depends on the type of dentist you should call, as well as making sure it’s someone you like and trust.

So, what are the different types of dentists?

The most common types of dentists are:

  • prosthodontists
  • orthodontists
  • oral surgeons
  • endodontists
  • periodontists
  • pediatric dentists
  • general dentists

Now what are each of these dentists? Let’s break it down.


When a patient has lost or damaged a tooth that needs to be replaced or repaired this is where a prosthodontist comes in.

Prosthodontics treatment may include dentures, implants, and bridges all used to help you have a natural smile you love.


A general dentist may refer a patient to an orthodontist if they perceive a misalignment in the mouth or jaw including, but not limited to, missing teeth, extra teeth, or overcrowding of teeth.

This is where treatment of braces, Invisalign, and retainers come into the picture.

Oral Surgeons

These surgeons specialize in disease, injuries, and the functional areas of the mouth. An oral surgeon is trained in dental surgical procedures, and anesthesia to alleviate concerns of the patient should it be required for surgery.

These dental surgical procedures include things such as: handling dental implants, removal of wisdom teeth, and biopsy for suspicious spots in the mouth – oral cancer is a thing people!


Endo meaning “inside” and odont meaning “tooth” refers to what this dentist specializes in. A patient that has internal tooth pain but wants to preserve their natural teeth are treated with root canals – a procedure that treats the infected tissue within a tooth.


Your gums and supporting tissue are just as important as your teeth – which is what periodontists specialize in taking care of.

While these dentists are also trained to place dental implants, they are commonly known for helping patients that are referred to them to treat periodontal (gum) disease.

Pediatric Dentists

These dentists work specifically with children and in building a foundation of good oral health.

Otherwise known as pedodontists, these dentists focus on child psychology, so they create a positive relationship with each individual kid and help them create good oral habits.

General Dentists

Your primary providers tend to be general dentists who treat your overall oral healthcare.

These dentists allow you from having to see dentist specialists (periodontists, endodontists, prosthodontists, etc.) by diagnosing and treating problems such as: root canals, cavities, crowns, bridges, and more.

What is Condit Family Dentistry?

Dr. Pat Condit is a general dentist offering over 10 services for your oral needs including dentures, teeth whitening, bridges, children’s dentistry and more! Dr. Condit and his team work hard to take care of all your oral healthcare needs so you can stay in one place.

Learn more about all the services we offer!

  1. Cosmetic Dentistry
    1. Bonding
    2. Porcelain Dental Veneers
    3. Teeth Whitening
  2. Extraction
  3. Periodontics
  4. Preventive Dentistry
  5. Restorative Dentistry
  6. Root Canal Therapy
  7. Sedation Dentistry
  8. Children’s Dentistry

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